Dmitry Larionov

Video Editor


  1. BuzzFeed for Hallmark, Wendy's, Macy's, TurboTax (branded) Premiere Pro
  2. UGG PR videos (commercial) Premiere Pro
  3. Vionic Spring / Fall (commercials) Premiere Pro
  4. John Legend and Google Duo (commercial) Premiere Pro
  5. John Legend and Cisco (documentary) Premiere Pro
  6. Dead Wood (short) Avid Media Composer
  7. Street Lights (short) Avid Media Composer
  8. Albert Sykes (documentary) Premiere Pro
  9. Summit Tahoma (documentary) Premiere Pro
  10. Candid Carmen and Co (feature) Avid Media Composer
  11. Kirkland, Jäson, Mother-E (commercials) Premiere Pro
  12. Where Do Babies Come From (short) Premiere Pro
  13. Broadcasted / Just Like on TV (short) Avid Media Composer
  14. Night Eyes (feature) Avid Media Composer
  15. The Language of Branches Avid Media Composer
  16. Born to be King (documentary) Final Cut Pro
  17. Last Farewell (short) Final Cut Pro
  18. To Kill a Man (short) Avid Media Composer
  19. Unfaithfulness (feature) Final Cut Pro
  20. XXI Century Alchemists (documentary) Final Cut Pro
  21. Adventures of Alyonushka and Erema (feature) Avid Media Composer
  22. What if (feature) Final Cut Pro
  23. Armed Resistance (feature) Final Cut Pro

Color Correction

  1. Oasis (feature) DaVinci Resolve
  2. Vionic Spring / Fall (commercials) Lumetri
  3. With Children (short) DaVinci Resolve
  4. Candid Carmen and Co DaVinci Resolve
  5. Escape (fashion) DaVinci Resolve
  6. She Wanted (music video) DaVinci Resolve
  7. The Language of Branches (feature) DaVinci Resolve
  8. Another Evil (feature) DaVinci Resolve
  9. Born to Be King (documentary) DaVinci Resolve
  10. Illusion (short) DaVinci Resolve
  11. Last Farewell (short) Apple Color
  12. To Kill a Man (short) DaVinci Resolve
  13. House Without Address (feature) Apple Color

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